Welcome to Daxia Healthcare's State-of-the-Art Medicine Warehouse

At Daxia Healthcare, ensuring the safety, effectiveness, and availability of pharmaceuticals for our esteemed clientele is our top priority. Our warehouse is a beacon of contemporary design and operational excellence, meticulously crafted to uphold the most stringent industry norms and regulations in storing medications.

Compliances that we follow forWarehousing our products

  1. Hygienic Facilities: We maintain cleanliness and offer ample space for storage, allowing for regular maintenance and inspection. Adequate lighting, ventilation, and environmental controls tailored to the stored drugs’ requirements are essential. 
  2. Optimal Storage Conditions:When it comes to pharmaceuticals lacking specific storage instructions, it’s crucial to store them at what’s termed “controlled room temperature,”. We are equipped fully Airconditioned warehouse to store crucial pharmaceutical medicines under controlled room temperature of about 20°C to maintain right storage conditions & Ensure the potency and Effectiveness of the same

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Prime PharmaceuticalsRegulations

  1. Preventing Contamination:

    • Ensuring drugs remain uncontaminated necessitates meticulous storage practices. This entails upholding cleanliness standards and arranging the warehouse strategically to mitigate the possibility of cross-contamination among various products.

  2. Lot Identification and Traceability:

    • Every batch of medication must be uniquely marked with an identifiable code to ensure seamless tracing during its distribution journey.
  3. Written Procedures for Distribution:

    • Established protocols must outline the entire distribution process for every medication. These guidelines should encompass detailed steps for receiving, storing, selecting, packaging, and dispatching pharmaceutical items.

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